"Transforming Life" - Giclee Print

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Powerful Quality Giclee Print on Archive Art Paper.

Available in 2 sizes:

Prints on paper have a small white border and Artist's Signature.

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"Transforming LIfe"

Elevate yourself and become the unstoppable force of contribution you know you are here to be. 

Know that you are fully supported by the magic of rainbow light and the wisdom and stability of trees.

Celebrate the golden force within you to become all that you desire.

Renew yourself with every breath.

You are harnessing the power and alchemy of transformation.

You know how to do this.

You have always known how to do this.

About the painting:

As I was painting the energy of this, I was really called to add in the element of a tree. It felt so important to stabilize and support the transformational process, so that it could be more graceful. 

With love, Fleur Barnfather x

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High Quality Inspiring Giclee Print


"Transforming Life" - Giclee Print

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