"Purple Reign" - Giclee Print

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"Purple Reign"

This painting is inspired by the brilliant energy of Prince (the Artist formerly known as). I was called to celebrate his essence, his legendary legacy to amplify the unique creative spark in all of us.   

During my tuning into his energy process I had a 'conversation' with his energy in the quantum field. Below is an extract of part of that transcribed conversation. 

"Dream to be free, it's the only way. Here I am zooming around in total freedom... that's how I tried to live on earth...i didn't know it at the time in my human...but man i felt it so strong... that feeling of freedom... I didn't want to let anything or anyone take it away... ..sometimes I was a man possessed... couldn't sleep much...like electricity flowing through me... " (The essence of Prince)

About the painting:

Prince was a pioneering Soul.  He carved his own path, he created new opportunities for himself and others. If he was still here physically he would continue to create Brilliance in a multitude of ways. Having this image of him in your home or work calls forth the energy of freedom and creativity, and amplifies it up in your life too

'Dream to be Free'. 

With love Fleur Barnfather

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High Quality Inspiring Giclee Print


"Purple Reign" - Giclee Print

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