"Where I Love to Sit and Dream" - Giclee Print

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"Where i Love to Sit and Dream - The Swing Seat"

"I wandered into the garden,

freshness tingling through my senses.

The swing seat called me to its comfort,

'and there I sat, absorbing the lush greens and confetti colours.

A soft breeze moving through my cells.

Come sit with me, I invite you.

In your mind's eye, come sit with me. 

May we dream those glorious dreams together and gently breathe in nature."

This painting is inspired by my childhood fascination with secret walled gardens, and also the style of the swing seat that used to be a major feature in my family home growing up. 

With love, Fleur Barnfather

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High Quality Inspiring Giclee Print


"Where I Love to Sit and Dream" - Giclee Print

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