"Sovereign Birth" - Giclee Print

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"Soveriegn Birth"
Such a profound time this is for a human soul.

Reclaiming of sovereignty.

Reclaiming of power.

Reclaiming of freedom

Reclaiming of independence.

Remembering Unity.

This image has come to you to invite in a calm recalibration.

Feel your essence floating gently in a watery world of love.

Your beautiful light softly held in the embrace of the Divine.

Feel deeply the safe space you are held in.

Close your eyes for a moment and feel a sense of safety and trust like never before.

Can you feel the Divine calling in the purity of your sovereign essence?

A pureness that existed before the busyness of the world came in?

Your next birth is beckoning you, the next phase of your life.

Your sovereign life.

With love Fleur Barnfather

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High Quality Inspiring Giclee Print


"Sovereign Birth" - Giclee Print

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